Integrity and compliance lie at the very heart of PACE and GOPA Consulting Group.

In our pursuit of positive change and sustainable development, we recognise that upholding the highest ethical standards is non-negotiable. These principles are the cornerstone of our credibility and trustworthiness, enabling us to build strong partnerships with governments, organisations, and communities.

Compliance ensures that our actions align with legal and regulatory frameworks, reinforcing our commitment to responsible and transparent practices. PACE believes that only through unwavering ethics, integrity, and compliance we can truly make a lasting impact in the world of development cooperation.


PACE has defined an Action Plan for Compliance & Integrity that describes our internal project management procedures, based on the outputs proposed by the C&I Task Force and the recommendations of compliance internal audits.

Guiding our collaboration with business partners by the principles of integrity, equity, fairness, and transparency, helps us foster a collaborative and trustworthy environment in all our partnerships. Our business partners encompass non-GOPA Group companies and individuals who engage in contractual arrangements with PACE to deliver goods or services.


GOPA Group's core values and principles draw inspiration from respected global frameworks, such as the United Nations Global Compact, the International Chamber of Commerce's Business Charter for Sustainable Development, and conventions of the International Labour Organisation

They are defined in the GOPA Group Code of Ethics, which is signed by all Group employees. We work with business partners that wholeheartedly embrace and adhere to the principles and values articulated in our Code of Conduct, not only within their own organisations, but across their operations as well.

The GOPA Group’s Compliance and Integrity Management System ensures the respect and smooth integration of the Group Policies and rules regarding compliance and integrity in each Group company. This includes a shared platform “Compliance & Integrity” with guidelines, GDPR procedures, templates and checklists.

A mandatory self-training on the E-learning platform is taken by all staff and experts after joining PACE and the GOPA Consulting Group. Any staff member, partner or individual can contact an independent Compliance Officer at if they consider that the principles of this Code are not being upheld. Any information provided is handled with strict confidentiality.