Connecting, inspiring and amplifying positive impact.

Effective communication and engagement are the bedrock of thriving communities and prosperous partnerships. They play a crucial role in fostering understanding, trust, and collaboration among individuals, organisations, and communities. And they are vital for establishing resilient, successful partnerships.

In a highly competitive informational environment, organisations increasingly find themselves in the need to enhance their outreach actions, improving perceptions and building their reputations. GOPA Pace’s Outreach Unit has built a solid experience around this, in particular the key areas of Strategic Communication, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy and Organisation of Events for EU institutions worldwide.

Our action revolves around four complementary areas for which we have developed distinct expertise.

  • Strategic communication
  • Public diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Event-based engagement

Our Strengths

  • Mix of technical and logistical expertise and resources
  • Extensive experience in organising and implementing communication campaigns, high profile events, and people-to-people exchanges
  • Wide variety of services provided
  • Our tailored strategies are the key to unlocking success. By customizing approaches to unique audiences, we connect on a deeper level, fostering engagement, trust, and ultimately, outstanding results.

Approach to partnerships

Partnerships amplify our impact in communication and engagement. By collaborating, we tap into diverse networks, expertise, and resources, enhancing our ability to reach, resonate with, and inspire our audience

Our teams

  • In-house specialists with excellent technical and project management expertise

Priority regions

  • European Eastern Neighbourhood
  • IPA countries
  • Asia
  • Americas
  • Africa


Building trust

Paving the way to conflict resolution

Stakeholder alignment

Knowledge sharing

Empowering communities

Fostering inclusivity

Facilitating resources mobilisation

Enabling sustainability


Strategic communication

Our strategic communication approach aims for a coherent and impact-oriented strategy, abandoning project-specific and small-scale communication activities in favour of high-impact and large-scale initiatives.

We support EU Delegations and other EU institutions worldwide to integrate the strategic communication approach in their actions, widening their reach and improving perception of the EU.

The introduction of this approach represents a significant change in the role that communication plays in the EU’s external actions in the different regions. Such actions can be defined as:

  • Short-term & large-scale campaigns to raise awareness on a particular issue
  • Social media initiatives to increase reach and followers
  • Large-scale events involving one-way communication approaches

This approach requires the mobilisation of highly specialised technical pool of experts and service providers who are capable of translating complicated EU policies into creative and unique communication initiatives and campaigns.
In our projects we propose and develop communication tools (e.g EUDIGITOOL), reformulating standard templates for Project Managers, at both ends EU and Beneficiaries side, as well as the development of visibility on how to communicate as per EU standards.


Public Diplomacy

We believe trust is the basis for positive and cooperative relationships. A primary objective of our public diplomacy action is to build trust and mutual understanding with a range of stakeholders, such as EU Delegations and EU Representations worldwide.

By shaping positive opinions about the EU, and sharing its main values and policies, public diplomacy activities involve the engagement of both multipliers to increase and amplify its visibility, and target audiences, who are the intended recipient of messaging.

Our actions seek to turn these actors into allies in spreading our messages. In this sense, we understand public diplomacy as not limited to broadcasting messages; it is about building relationships, fostering understanding, and creating an environment where the desired messages are received positively.

Effective public diplomacy activities often involve various tools, such as cultural exchanges, educational programs, media outreach, public events, social media campaigns, and more.

Our team manages several EU-funded projects in this field by conducting targeted public diplomacy activities, managing social media platforms to engage with the target audiences, conducting opinion polls and fostering people-to-people exchanges and network programs.


Cultural Diplomacy

We believe in culture’s potential to in building relationships, fostering mutual understanding and ultimately facilitating dialogues between countries.

Though often overlooked, Cultural Diplomacy plays an important role in supporting national policies abroad. It provides a platform to deepen relations with partner countries and a safe space for exchanges, especially with countries where more official interactions are hindered by the temperature of the political relations.

In this context, literature, art and language are able to foster mutual understanding on a people-to-people level and to build the foundations for thematic dialogues.

With our projects in cultural diplomacy, we promote EU values such as diversity, sustainable development and multilingualism in partner countries to add to EU soft power efforts and contribute EU external actions. Our action is youth-oriented as they are the most receptive group to cultural activities.

GOPA PACE has been active in this field for many years, organizing cultural activities and events, managing projects all around the world. Our team is diverse and highly culturally aware. We speak different languages that are relevant to our expertise such as Romanian, Chinese, Spanish, French and Turkish.

Our presence globally gives us the possibility of reaching out to a wide pool of experts that give crucial support in our implementation and in our relations with the clients.


Event-based engagement

Events play a pivotal role in the European Union's mission to foster meaningful connections with partner countries worldwide and advance the promotion of EU values through direct dialogue.

An event, in its essence, embodies a meticulously planned and structured gathering that aims to unite individuals or groups with shared objectives. Our team has proven experience across a spectrum of formats, from grand symposia/conferences and fair participations to more intimate, focused events such as workshops and seminars. We pay utmost care to the design and execution of even the smallest-scaled events.

What distinguishes our event services at PACE is our team's deep understanding of event objectives. Our Project & Event Managers, who oversee global strategic communication and public diplomacy initiatives, go beyond mere logistics. We provide clients with insights, know-how and network that will enhance the impact of any event. In this sense our dedication is more than just being event organizers; we function as strategic partners for our client.


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