PACE is more than just a name – it's a mantra.
PACE, or GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement, is rooted in our unwavering belief in the power of partnerships.

We thrive on forging connections with people and communities, using them as the springboard to enact positive and lasting change. We are creators of partnerships and also trusted, steadfast, competent partners ourselves.

Our journey is marked by the footprints of dedicated stakeholders, individuals who resonate with our passion for transformation. They serve as the indispensable pillars of the collaborations we cultivate, ensuring the authenticity and strength of our purpose.

Yet, forming partnerships is only the beginning. At PACE, the core of our mission beats to the rhythm of Action. We understand that genuine transformation doesn't stem from intentions alone. It emerges through consistent, tangible steps taken to shape a better society, while remaining adaptable to its evolving needs.

Moreover, the soul of PACE vibrates with Engagement. We transcend the conventional definition of a company to become a movement. Every individual who joins us, every voice that resonates with us, is cherished. We firmly believe that authentic progress is a collective endeavor. By nurturing a culture of active participation, we provide a platform for all who carry the torch of change.

Join us. Together, as we craft a brighter tomorrow. We don't just adapt to the world's rhythm – we set the PACE.



We believe in being actively engaged for sustainable change for a better world.

At PACE, we believe that real change requires tangible and sustained action. We aim to actively contribute to the sustainable development of partner countries and to create lasting and meaningful transformations in line with society’s ever-changing needs.

We craft our strategies and solutions based on an excellent understanding of the local culture and political context, thanks to our networks and an intense field activity. Rather than dictating solutions from the outside, our consulting services adapt to the local context and engage in knowledge-transfer practices. This allows us to design adaptive and impactful programmes that meet the needs of all clients and beneficiaries.


We value transparency, trust and working together with the highest level of respect.


We listen, understand and adapt to the needs, acting with care and flexibility.


We deliver with competence, integrity and accountability, relying on resources and expertise.


We are always there for our projects and professional partners, meeting and supporting them on the field.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, as we adhere to meticulously defined procedures and processes.

We prioritise financial management, quality control, and timely project delivery. Our track record speaks for itself, as we consistently complete projects within the planned timeframe and budget, without compromising the quality of results.

Sharing insights, expertise, and information is instrumental in driving positive change and fostering innovation. Through open and transparent communication, both within our organisation and with our partners, we aim to amplify the impact of our work. We believe that knowledge has the power to inspire, inform, and catalyse action, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

At PACE, we are committed to actively engaging with our stakeholders, disseminating best practices, and ensuring that knowledge flows freely to drive meaningful change and engagement.


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16 February 2024
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31 January 2024
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02 November 2023
B&S Europe Rebrands to GOPA PACE: GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement
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