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In today's interconnected world, the global economy relies heavily on intricate global value chains (GVCs). These networks of production and distribution span borders, emphasizing the interdependence of nations, industries, and markets, shaping the dynamics of trade, innovation, and economic growth worldwide.

The evolution of GVCs has important implications for global trade, production, and employment, and for how firms, producers, and workers around the world integrate into the global economy. This has become even more evident with the advent of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.

As part of GOPA Consulting Group, our specialised team aims to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issues, focusing on economic and industrial development. The instrument of regional and global value chain analyses aims to identify the sources of supply, markets and the competitive environment of an established or emerging national industry. These assessments enable the development of public policy instruments to foster the development of the identified industries while leveraging other national industries.

PACE has developed innovative capacities in the provision of industrial policy strategies through the analysis of sector-specific national and Global Value Chains.

GVC analyses were carried out to determine how particular countries could improve their current production capacity and product quality and/or switch to higher value-added products and/or services.

Tailor-made upgrading strategies were designed for a range of industries including Agribusiness, Mining, Textiles, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Tourism, Fisheries, and Information and Communication Technologies, based on national strengths and weaknesses and global constraints and opportunities. This has helped attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and private investment into those countries.

Our Strengths

  • An integrated research and project management approach
  • Close cooperation with national and international
  • A large network of more than 30,000 freelancing expert consultants (GOPA Group)
  • Focus on clients’ needs and flexible and rapid reaction to unexpected changes

Approach to partnerships

Our company's partnership strategy is rooted in capitalising on expertise and experience. By collaborating with seasoned industry leaders and leveraging their knowledge, we ensure innovation, efficiency, and optimal solutions, driving success in our endeavors. Client and donor engagement: EU, IsDB, and direct contracting with the competent ministry of planning/industry/economic development of African countries

Our teams

  • Effective project management
  • Sectorial expertise in:

International trade • Public policy evaluation • Financial analysis • Industrial and public policy evaluation • Industrial value chains analysis • Development programming • Development planning • Stakeholder mapping • Cost and profit analysis •

Priority regions

  • African countries
  • Asia
  • Americas


projects in GVC
Analysis (2019 – 2021)


projects in Mineral supply
chain analysis (2020 – 2023)


project in Private
Sector promotion
(2022 – 2023)

Key topics

Value Chain Analysis

This activity focuses on the mapping of specific value chains through key quantitative indicators (time, cost, value added and productivity at each stage).

Qualitative analysis is also carried out through surveys and company-level investigations.

Key findings include the identification of bottlenecks in value chains, as well as the country's strength in supplying particular products, and potential competitors.

Key topics

Analysis of the regulatory business environment by country

Enabling environment analysis helps optimise the investment project by taking into account the different variables across countries and regions, providing a multi-dimensional view for companies to determine the best investment.

  • Analysis of the tax system, fiscal and para-fiscal advantages
  • Land tenure analysis
  • Analysis of logistic structures
  • Analysis of labor costs and opportunities
  • Risk analysis
  • Advice on investment strategy

Key topics

Support to the elaboration of a financial analysis for the installation of an industrial unit

Once the investment strategy has been elaborated and their decision taken, we accompany the companies in their project implementation thanks to our knowledge of the field, the local actors, the procedures.

At pre-feasibility stage, we can estimate the cost and the profitability of the project.

Key topics

Market analysis and studies


Our market analyses help companies in their decision making in the framework of an investment strategy or the expansion of their international activities. They allow to study the market situation and the perspectives for the years to come, to determine the competitors, the potential customers, the countries which present a specific interest in order to optimise the activities.

  • Identification and analysis of consumer potential
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Opportunity Analysis


This service focuses a specific industry at global and national level. Trends in exports and imports for a specific industry are identified, as well as the most important products in international trade. This is carried out through an analysis of geographical distribution: global demand, global supply, an analysis of leading companies and their governance structure, and power relations within the industry. Standards, institutions and human capital are also examined, as well as upgrading trajectories, referring to how other countries have entered and improved their competitive position in the global industry.

Key topics

Enabling Environment and Project Design

This activity consists of mapping and analysis of the industrial enabling environment within the country under study.

The aim is to understand where the relevant infrastructure is located, particularly energy and roads, which have an impact on the smooth functioning of value chains.

The purpose is to identify constraints and bottlenecks along the value chains that can provide direction for the identification of project potential for industrial upgrading

Key topics

Research Data Management

This activity consists of collecting, observing, and generating data through questionnaires addressed to the public and private sector (ministries, chamber of commerce, firms, associations etc.), transcripts, codebooks, data files, documents, spreadsheets, models as well as methodologies to produce original research results for further analysis and interpretation

Key topics

Industrial Development

This service refers to the analysis of a country-specific industry in terms of export and import products.

More specifically, the analysis focuses on the country's competitive advantage in terms of exports and its relevance in terms of import substitution.

The aim is to select the value chains that will be subject to industrial development. This is achieved through a detailed assessment of key indicators.

Key topics

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