Guiding sustainable progress, one goal at a time.

At PACE, we are dedicated to helping organisations worldwide align their strategies and operations with the SDGs to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

We have been contributing to SDGs for more than 30 years, by systematically including sustainability in all our projects worldwide.
PACE's SDG advisory services encompass a wide range of expertise and support.

We offer strategic guidance through SDG Strategy Advice, assisting organisations in developing clear roadmaps for integrating the SDGs into their core business strategies. PACE excels at designing target indicators and innovative approaches that enable clients to drive positive change while achieving their corporate objectives. We provide tailored-made advice on the SDGs, every step of the project cycle management way. We help define which SDGs are relevant to a particular business sector and why action is needed on them, advising on how the SDGs can be included in a business’ sustainability strategy.

Our Implementation & Integration services ensure that these strategies are translated into actionable initiatives. PACE supports organisations in executing their SDG action plans, helping them seamlessly incorporate sustainability principles into their day-to-day operations.

For organisations looking to make a localised impact, PACE provides SDG Social Responsibility Initiative services. They create customized micro-projects tailored to specific SDG-oriented local initiatives, fostering community engagement and sustainable development.

PACE also places a strong emphasis on education and capacity-building through SDG Training & Coaching programs. These encompass e-learning modules, workshops, and hands-on coaching to empower organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to drive SDG-focused change effectively.

Our commitment to accountability is evident in its SDG Monitoring & Evaluation services, which offer robust methodologies to assess, monitor, and enhance progress toward SDG targets. PACE also assists in fulfilling reporting obligations related to the SDGs, ensuring transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts.

Additionally, we provide guidance on SDG Communication & Awareness, helping organisations effectively communicate their sustainability efforts internally and externally. Finally, their SDG Audit & Compliance services offer methodologies to assess and enhance SDG policy compliance, ensuring that organisations stay aligned with global sustainability objectives.


Audit & Compliance

We provide the methodology for effective assessment on SDGs policy compliance

Communication & Awareness

We advise on dissemination, internal participation, and external communication strategy


Reporting obligations related to SDGs

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide the methodology to assess, monitor and improve targets

Strategy Advise

We design target indicators and new business models

Implementation & Integration

We implement roadmap actions and new business models

Training & Coaching

E-learning, facilitated coaching, workshops, “learning by doing”

PACE is a trusted partner for organisations seeking expert guidance and support in navigating the complex landscape of SDGs, empowering them to drive positive change, make a lasting impact on sustainable development, and contribute to a more prosperous and equitable future.


Dedicated Projects

  • Supporting the implementation of SDGs in Colombia (2021-2024)
  • Review of the functioning and effectiveness of (EU) Due Diligence obligations in the mineral sector (2023)
  • Austrian Partnership Forum and Sustainability Workshop in Romania (2022)
  • Implementation of start-up business, incubators and partnership with universities in Palestine (2015-2019)


Individual Initiatives

  • Contribution to the deforestation projects of the Jane Goodall Institute in Senegal (2021) - 1000 trees planted via a one month internal competition “Challenge for a Change” (808 actions)
  • Oxfam trailer walker (2019): raising funds for a good cause – putting an end to injustice and poverty


Carbon neutrality

Reduction plan strategy to put into action 2021 offsetting: Kenya Reforesting


Social contribution

  • Donation to Ebola victims’ families in Guinea
  • Assistance to victims of conflict related sexual violence in eastern DRC
  • Mitigation actions of the economic and psychological impact of Covid-19 (with Red Cross North Macedonia)
  • Integration of migrants in Romanian society
  • Facility support to protection of children with disabilities in North Macedonia

Our Trajectory towards SDGs

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