Brussels, Belgium, 2 November 2023 – In a significant move that reflects the company's commitment to staying true to its mission and values, Business and Strategies in Europe (B&S Europe), a member of GOPA Consulting Group, is thrilled to announce today its rebranding to GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement, abbreviated as GOPA PACE. The rebranding initiative marks an exciting new chapter in the company's journey, while preserving its unwavering dedication to driving transformation and betterment in societies through international and bilateral projects. It encompasses a fresh name, a revamped visual identity, and a brand-new website, now 

Since its establishment in 1991, our company has diligently served developing, transition, and partner countries, offering an extensive array of technical assistance, consulting, and multi-sectoral services. The firm has been instrumental in fostering meaningful transformation by actively participating in projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the context of public, public-private, and private initiatives. 
 The decision to rebrand emerged from the company's commitment to maintaining authenticity and aligning its identity with its spirit, aspirations, and values.
“As we delved deeper into our mission of fostering collaboration and catalysing change, it became evident that the previous name and branding no longer embodied the expansive vision we have grown into and the forward-thinking entity we have become. The new name also pays tribute to our first ten successful years within the GOPA Consulting Group” said Rafael Comenge, Managing Director of GOPA PACE, on behalf of the Executive Board. 

The acronym PACE was created to reflect the brand’s desire to form meaningful partnerships with people and communities as a means to bring about positive change and actively promote involvement, while remaining a dependable and competent partner. Engagement is perhaps its most important element – the firm is committed to ensuring that anyone who wishes to become involved is given the opportunity to do so. 

Our rebranded identity is a reflection of our renewed vision and our evolved character. The logo features a clean, elegant, and minimalistic design, with a singular dot at its center, symbolising the transformative impact of GOPA PACE's projects. Two arrows, radiating outward like sound waves, represent movement, action, collaboration, and a trajectory of positive evolution. Together, they encapsulate the motto: "Partners in Action for Change & Engagement."

The typography's contemporary cut-out font reflects the company's penchant for minimalism and innovation, symbolising a fresh perspective and an unwavering drive towards progress. The color scheme, featuring deep purple and GOPA Group yellow, combines to create a compelling visual narrative. The gradient of purple adds depth, modernity, and a sense of motion, while staying rooted in the company's core values.

The new website serves as an interactive hub for clients, stakeholders, and partners to explore its enhanced mission, services, and values. It will provide a platform for the firm’s projects, effectively showcasing their impactful work.

Importantly, it is vital to emphasise that this is solely a change of name; there are no changes in the company's management, structure, services, or capacities provided. This transition will not affect the company's ongoing operations, contracts, and projects. On the contrary, it allows GOPA PACE to better serve its projects, clients, and beneficiaries.

For more information about GOPA PACE and its rebranding, please visit the new website at 

Media Contact:
Andrada BALAN
Senior Communication Officer  


GOPA Partners in Action for Change and Engagement, formerly B&S Europe, is a global consulting firm that actively participates, since 1991, in international and bilateral projects to drive meaningful transformation and betterment in societies. GOPA PACE is more than just a name – it is a mantra. We are rooted in an unwavering belief in the power of partnerships. We thrive on forging connections with people and communities, using them as the springboard to enact positive and lasting change. Since 2013, GOPA PACE is a member of GOPA Consulting Group, one of the most impactful consulting groups in Europe. 


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